lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009

How to use the F Word.-

1. Dismay Oh! fuck it.-
2. Agression Fuck you
3. Passive Fuck me.-
4. Command Go fuck yourself!
5.Incompetence Hes a fucked-up
6. Ignorance Hes a fucking jerk
7. Trouble I guess im fucked now
8. Confusion What the fuck???
9. Dispair Fucked again
10. Philosophical Who gives a fuck?
11. Denial You ain't fucking me
12. Rebelion Fuck the world.
13. Annoyance Dont fuck with me
14. Etiquette Pass the fucking salt
15. Agreement You are fucking right.

2 comentarios:

Mis Huellas dijo...

I like passive- Fuck Me. Love the sound of that.

Heidylicious dijo...